FlatFix Fusion

FlatFix Fusion is a revolutionary and lightweight flat roof mounting system for solar panels that can be built up in different ways in order to get an optimal solution for any flat roof. The system is designed for quick and easy mounting of solar panels on the flat roof using only a small number of components. The main components are linked to each other by means of smart click-joints. You only need one tool to mount the solar panels. This drastically reduces the time required for installation of the PV system without compromising on the quality.


The FlatFix Fusion system can be used for almost all situations involving flat roofs. The aerodynamic design allows quick and easy placement of both large and small systems with a minimum of ballast. The uniqueness of the system is that the same parts can be used to build up a classic South setup as well as an East-West or North-South setup. With the setup angle of 13 degrees, the PV system will produce a good yield for just about every orientation. Aerodynamic and closed system The aerodynamic and dense design protects the PV system from the adverse influences of the weather and the wind, but is sufficiently open to allow proper ventilation. Both the sides and the back of the PV system are shielded by using universal wind deflectors. This ensures low forces on the PV system and the solar panels. This improves the life span of the solar panels.


The properties of materials are adapted such that the wind deflectors emit heat and passively allow the solar panels to cool down. This keeps the solar panels cooler than the current system by up to 5 degrees. This improves the yield of the PV system and the lifespan of the solar panels.


FlatFix Fusion is a lightweight system. Due to the coupled and closed structure, the system only needs to be ballasted (weighted) on a number of strategic points. This means that the additional roof load is very low. In the universal ballast holder, various types of ballast can be used, such as gravel, concrete pavers and retaining straps.

Roof load

The self-aligning roof supports ensure optimum pressure distribution on the roof. Due to the low weight of the system, the average point load on the roof membrane is lower than 10kPa. The roof supports can be adjusted directly for any type of skin without going through protective rubbers, mats or foils. The roof supports ensure that the system ‘floats’ above the roof, so precipitation such as rain and melt water can drain away easily from the roof.

Cable management

The design includes an integrated cable management system. To reduce the potential interference in the cabling of the PV system, the cables and plugs of the solar panels can simply be bolted to the mounting system. The cabling does not rest on the roof.

Thermal effect

The various components are connected to each other through clickable fixed links. Similarly, the system can ‘glide’ above stationary roof supports without them loosening from the basic elements. This way, the thermal effect of the building is not passed on to the PV system and vice versa. This prevents damage to the PV system or to the integrity of the roof.

Transport and Handling

The main components are linked to each other by means of smart click-joints. The basic profiles are customised, so measuring and sawing on the roof are eliminated. As the basic profiles are customized, the solar panels are always optimally prepared in relation to each other, thus eliminating measurement errors. The small number of components and the materials used ensure a low weight and volume. This makes the system easy to store, transport and handle.


The calculation tool makes it easy to calculate each individual project. Both the required materials as well as the ballast locations can be determined by using the calculation tool. It is also possible to create construction drawings.


The basic components of the FlatFix Fusion system are manufactured from high-quality aluminium, coated steel and high-tech plastic. All applied materials are rigorously tested for quality, durability and weather influences such as UV, frost and water and humidity.


The FlatFix Fusion system has been tested in the wind tunnel and is protected by multiple patents. FlatFix Fusion is a 100% Dutch product with a unique guarantee of 20 years.